window cleaning




Window Cleaning

Cleaning windows to be spotless can be challenging. Washing and rinsing afterward, leaving them air dry can attract dust in the air. Spraying and drying with a tower can leave fibers on the glass. That is why we prefer to use a squeegee where feasible,

High-Rise Window Cleaning

Cleaning high-rise with a bosun chair or a suspended platform is often depending on how the building is set up. Some buildings may not have suspended platform installed. Then there is no other option but to use bosun chair.

Low-rise Window Cleaning

For three and four stories building, often there is no anchor on top of the building. And placing ladders around the building is not very feasible due to the height. That is why often the windows are cleaned with the use of a boom lift.

Cleaning Windows With Tucker Pole

A tucker pole is also known a water-fed pole, can be very effective in windows cleaning when other tools are not feasible to the circumstances. This is done by scrubbing with a brush and soap from the ground, then rinsing with clear water afterward.