gutter cleaning



Why Clean Gutters

Cleaning your gutters regularly allows rainwater to flow to a designated place. A blockage of rainwater flow can cause gutters to overflow and spill dirt over the exterior parts of the gutters and building, and it may even flood your basement.

Cleaning Gutters With A Vacuum

Cleaning your gutters with an industrial vacuum is more effective when they are dry. Carrying a large vacuum up a ladder can be difficult due to its bulk and weight when it’s full of dirt and water.

How We Clean Gutters

Depending on the situation, if we wash your roof, the gutters will also need cleaning. It would be unfeasible to clean the gutters by any mean other than by fanning out the dirt and water with a pressure wash spray gun.

Cleaning Gutters Using A Scoop

Cleaning your gutters with a scoop is relatively simple, although you do need to place a long ladder around your house. The challenge is to access the upper parts of the gutters by means of a ladder, while needing to climb up the roof to get to them.