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How Should We Respect Our Roof?

Don’t we all live under a roof? When we live under our parents’ roof it is appropriate to respect them. What, when we live under nobody’s roof but our own? Well, unless we live out in an open field, we do have a roof to respect.

The roof is like anything else, it needs the care to maintain a healthy life. Often after a period of time, some sealant tends to come off the tiles, and they are cracked. They can cause leaks in the roof. When it does leak it is usually too late. The ceilings are already damaged. Then there will be costly to repair not only the roof but also the ceiling.

You know, it was said, the best way to fix a vehicle is to maintain it regularly, not when it brakes down. The same principle applies to the roof. We want to maintain it periodically. This doesn’t it mean we need to inspect it yearly, but every several years that is certainly recommended.

Roof Maintenance

From my experience of repairing a roof, I find that the clay tile roof almost always has some cracks and some sealant come off due to its age. Sometimes, I inform that to the homeowner he disbelieves because nobody has ever walked on his roof since it was first installed. Unfortunately, tiles do crack by themselves without anyone has ever walked on them.

Just imagine the roof is a thousand years old. Do you think you will at least find some crack tiles on the roof? Not just some but most likely a lot of them. The tile when it is first made in a manufacturer, it sprays the chemical solution on it in order to seal all the tiny holes in the tile.

They are so tiny; we can’t see them unless we use a powerful microscope. Despite the holes are so small water enter inside the tile. When it rains, the roof collects a lot of water inside the tiles, as a result, the roof becomes heavy and shifts about. This can conducive to the cracking of some tiles as their weight exerts harder toward each other.

But the main reason for the crack is the water inside the tiles freezes in the winter and thaws in the summer, causing the tiles to shrink and expand. That is why even when no one has walked on the roof, it can still be cracked. However, there is a remedy to maintain your roof strong and keep your tiles stable and healthy, thereby, prolong the life of your roof. This in the long term will actually save you the money.

We first need to wash off the dirt and moss off the roof. After the roof dries out, we fix the crack tiles and then seal the roof. We can apply the clear coating on it or paint it. It would depend on what the client prefers. Both the clear sealant and the paint will help to protect the roof. Personally, I prefer painting the roof since it not only helps to strengthen the roof but also renewing it, making it like a brand new roof again.

So by putting things in perspective, taking good care of your roof, you can prolong it by approximately another ten years!

In summary:

  • We can respect our roof by periodically inspect it
  • Fix and nourish the roof tiles as required – it’s better to spend a little now than to spend much more expenses later.
  • Wash the roof periodically and apply sealant a required
  • Sit back and relax!

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